About the Webinar

About the VCDA-NCDA Webinar:  Credentialing & More

 When:   Webinar:   Tuesday, MARCH 5th, 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. 

The Web Link: Watch the live webinar. https://ncda.webex.com/ncda/onstage/g.php?MTID=e17d3bdbc69202a0332ab506d46ccfab3

Note:  For those who cannot attend in real time, the session will be archived at NCDA.org approximately two weeks later.

Webinar Presenters Include:

  • Spencer Niles, Dean of the College of Education at William and Mary, and President of NCDA
  • Celeste Hall, Certified Virginia School Counselor, Career Coach Specialist, The Virginia Community College System, FCD Instructor, CCSP, Certified School Career Development Advisor (CSCDA) and Board Member, NCDA
  • Brian Hutchinson, Associate Professor, New Jersey University, Certified Career Educator (CCD) and Board Member, NCDA
  • Steven J. Myers, Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Career Services Provider (CCSP), School Counselor in Fairfax County Public Schools, Virginia
  • Connie Pricchard, NCDA Director of Credentialing
  • Emanuel Bartolotta, President, VCDA

Background Information:

Continuously, we hear the call for increased and improved career guidance, by those already in the workplace, and for those preparing to enter the world of work. Clearly, there is a need for more and better information about career planning and decision-making, and about finding meaningful work. At the same time employers look for employees with good work ethics, with a willingness to contribute to the workplace and to Virginia’s economic good.

 VCDA & NCDA Collaboration

The Virginia Career Development Association (VCDA), a state branch of the National Career Development Association (NCDA), will share strategies for parents and children, for employers, and for career service providers in education, government and community agencies that are designed to address the preparation and decisions of Virginia’s current and future workforce.

NCDA and VCDA offer new training and delivery credentials for a myriad of persons who want to earn provide career services, in a variety of settings, as credentialed career services providers.

NCDA and VCDA leaders who are making a difference in the field of career preparation and training will share information that:

  • highlights ways that webinar attendees can improve and expand career development throughout the Commonwealth and nation
  • describe the new NCDA certifications
  • announce expansion and collaboration strategies and opportunities by attending 


  • To highlight the importance of VCDA as the organization in Virginia to strengthen career awareness and implementation practices that best meet Virginian’s increasing needs
  • To build partnerships among the myriad career services providers by sharing information on the highest credentials
  • To build partnerships with existing organizations that already, or have the potential to, strengthen career services to Virginia citizens
  • To increase interest and membership in VCDA as the “go to” organization for designing and implementing career services for all Virginia citizens.

Audience: All human services providers that includes helping professionals.  Can include, but not limited to community colleges, universities, public schools, school counselors, career coaches, university career center counselors and coaches, human resources professionals, youth directors in faith based organizations, health and human services providers, Department of labor employment services, Society of Human Resources, Chambers of Commerce partners with schools and agencies, state and local services providers, leaders of community student organizations (4-H, Scouts), after-school programs, community centers, United Way, libraries, employers who have employee assistance programs, school boards and leaders, department of correction, higher education professors of career planning, private and parochial schools, private practitioners.