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Dr. Spencer Niles, Dean of the School of Education, William & Mary College, Williamsburg, VA
Dr. Spencer Niles

About Dr. Spencer Niles:   Dr. Spencer Niles began his appointment as Dean for the School of Education at The College of William & Mary in July of 2013.  Prior to being named Dean for the SOE, he was Distinguished Professor and Department Head for Educational Psychology, Counseling, and Special Education at the Pennsylvania State University.  He also served as Director of the Center for the Study of Career Development and Public Policy at Penn State.  Prior to joining the faculty at Penn State, he was a Professor at the University of Virginia for 13 years and also served as Assistant Dean for the Curry School of Education at UVA.

Dr. Niles’ career in education began as an elementary teacher, and he still remains the consummate teacher.  Dr. Niles has authored or co-authored approximately 130 publications and delivered over 125 presentations on career development theory and practice.  In additional, Dr. Niles has conducted career advisor/career counseling training in more than 20 countries.

Dean Niles is the recipient of the National Career Development Association’s (NCDA) Eminent Career Award. He is an NCDA Fellow and an American Counseling Association (ACA) Fellow. Dr. Niles is also the recipient of ACA’s Thomas Sweeney Visionary Leadership and Advocacy Award.  Dr. Niles is a Past-President of Chi Sigma Iota, an International Counselor Honor Society. We are honored that Dr. Niles is a two term Past-President of VCDA, and this year, he is speaking to us as NCDA President during 2018-19.

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A Special Message from Dr. Spencer Niles About the Presentation 
A better raise, the next promotion, an improved work situation, more rewards, higher status…the list goes on. There are many factors that motivate us at work. Often these factors lead to a better life and work experience. Just as often, however, these benefits come at a cost. Our lives have become filled with busyness that crowds out time to make sense of our daily experiences. This webinar series provides strategies for addressing all these work challenges. Focusing on self-reflection, creating hope, envisioning future possibilities, and prioritizing joy are some of the ways in which we can make work choices that honor our true selves and make sure that our work is soulful. I hope you will join me!